For example, it is not unusual for an API endpoint to support both JSON and XML formats. Info for existing reservedSlot. English. Game feature options are the options available for a select type game option. If we should use getchat, or getgamelog command. } "user": { BattleMetrics is a service that tracks online multiplayer servers and provides tools to both players and server administrators. The list of alternatives was updated Jun 2018. The True if we are unable to provide public player lists for the game. The responses are piped into python -mjson.tool (JSON encoder / decoder) to make them easier to read. If the game supports bans that expire we will not issue bans that last longer than this value for permanent bans. "identifier": "76561197960265720" Relations to include. "id": "42" So go do it! } Start and start are truncated to the date. "user": { A list of default reasons that should be presented to the user in the BattleMetrics interface. Below are some Demos for how the API works. Player flags are limited to Premium and RCON subscribers. Some API endpoints provide sorting abilities. Details First Seen 3 years ago Last Seen 12 days ago Current Server(s) Not online. Name of the metric. endpoints. When you login, the only information we get from your steam profile, is the information made public on your account which we access from the Steam API. } ], "id": "42" Why? "defaultIdentifiers": [ !serverconfig update [name] [battlemetrics id] Assign a name to the respective server using Battlemetrics ID and save it to the bot. "data": { The server's rank. "defaultIdentifiers": [ If you have an RCON subscription with us, you can initiate a connection to the server which will provide more accurate information and allow you to transfer … } View Plans . Ark & DNL. Player Flag. We love games, and we love helping game developers. This page provides a quick overview of the steps required to use Microsoft Graph and the OneDrive API. "trigger": { } ], Requested time range. Click the button below to start a subscription and gain access to these features. } Group Rank History. "data": { Search. }', '{ If you are using BM to send commands to your server, you must specify BM credentials. Valid values: owner. "organization": { Force Update will cause us to immediately queue the server to be queried and updated. Requires the reserved-slot:read scope. }, Getting started with OneDrive API. The start of the time range is required. You must be the owner of the ban list to change the Relations to include. Game features can be used with the server list filters to search for specific Join Group. Player flags are limited to Premium and RCON subscribers. Contact; Contact; Common questions and support documentation. "relationships": { } Valid values: player, identifier, session, uptime:7, uptime:30, uptime:90, serverEvent, serverGroup, serverDescription, organization, orgDescription, orgGroupDescription. } It will not log each ban to server activity. ASP.NET Web API is very much similar to ASP.NET MVC because it contains the ASP.NET MVC feature like routing, controllers, action results, filter, model, etc. Valid values: organization,user,banList. Valid values: player. Please enable JavaScript for the best experience. "nativeBanTempMaxExpires": null, The bans will not immediately be available in search. Would only return the uid and reason attributes for all bans returned. "id": "42" "data": [ Filter sessions by start and stop timestamp. Editing an issue by using the SET, ADD, and REMOVE operations. "data": { Update an existing reserved slot. "trigger": { "icon": null, } example. "data": { Revoke bot access to #example-channel.!serverconfig. "id": "42" Only search players that were last seen after this time, Only search players that were last seen before this time. "type": "user", "manual": true Valid values: organization,owner,server, Relations to include. Lets start with the tutorial. "type": "player", "organization": { "id": "42" Used to view players that were online at a given time. BattleMetrics API for use with PHP PHP 1 DayZ-Hive-Web-Stats. Available server information will be limited when status is "removed". If false hide bans with exemptions. "id": "01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef", Player flags help you track and categorize player profiles. Bei der Definition eines API sollte sich der Entwickler genug Zeit nehmen, denn gut entworfene APIs führen automatisch zu besseren Produkten. } Search. A group leader is selected "organization": { 1000, } }', '{ The People REST API. July 19, 2016. Must be authenticated and have RCON access to the server. The server with the best rank will be selected as the leader. "description": "example" It's recommended that you don't manually provide this value. } createdAt, updatedAt, updateAt, The most recent name the player was seen using. Page offset. Can link known identifiers, or manually provided ones. { Time range. If the organization is active. "user": { "banList": { If you do not have the ban:read scope you will receive an empty response. the server if it is claimed. "id": "42" "attributes": { "id": "1" "type": "trigger", Flags not associated with an organization will be considered personal and not visible to other organization users. five minutes per user. "type": "playerFlag", "note": "Quark was reported by another player. If you do not have the ban:read scope Returns a list of sessions that were active during the same time as the provided session id. How can I claim a server? I concur that it’s rough to start with… Though do each flow via direct calls (without using an SDK) to get it “into your fingers”. I am not making enough money to get VPS. "id": "42" Minutes. "id": "01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef" allow access to a single server, or organization by appending :server:, Must be authenticated and have RCON access to the server. "permManage": true, "ip" Custom metadata. } „One noun, four verbs“, so einfach kann Programmierung sein. "type": "trigger", Valid options: rank, name, players, distance. EXAMPLE. }', "Quark was reported by another player. By default only ban information is "data": { } This is not related to the API info.version string. You can support this public API using paypal/payoneer. Get your Simple API key. are 10 players we would return the 10 most recent servers for each player. Bright example: authorization, especially OAuth 2.0. The last time we were able to connect. Location. True if the ban should be applied to all servers in your organization. An option maps a display value to one or more values that we will search for on "name": "example", Comma separated. }, }', "[size]=10&key=2016-10-05T14:35:51.962Z", "[size]=10&key=2015-10-05T14:35:51.962Z", '{ }, }, United States . "steamID", } "data": { Comma separated. included. "defaultReasons": [ "autoAddEnabled": true, "id": "42" Info for existing ban. 1000, The average duration of first time player sessions in seconds. Video showing scam:", '{ The total number of servers that match this option. Must be within three months of stop. This means that a developer, for example, can allow you to log into an application using your own Facebook account. "type": "organization", When the ban should expire. Should Not. Ranges are inclusive. "nativeBanTTL": null, Please see the sample config for an example, but you will need an API token with Send raw RCON command permission and your BattleMetrics Server ID. If null then the invite is good for an unlimited number of uses. Within PAM, the only information we store about the user to identify them is their SteamID and BattleMetrics ID. True when the associated metadata is private. A private note to associate with the ban. Flags. or have permManage to use this endpoint. { "name": "example", Apply bans to servers, or across entire "type": "organization", "defaultAutoAddEnabled": true, "data": { .css-1dcotcn{display:inline-block;margin-bottom:0;font-weight:normal;text-align:center;vertical-align:middle;touch-action:manipulation;cursor:pointer;background-image:none;border:1px solid transparent;white-space:nowrap;padding:6px 12px;font-size:14px;line-height:1.428571429;border-radius:4px;-webkit-user-select:none;-moz-user-select:none;-ms-user-select:none;user-select:none;color:#fff;background-color:#0c5da5;border-color:#0a508d;}.css-1dcotcn:hover,.css-1dcotcn:focus,.css-1dcotcn.focus{color:#57a9f3;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;outline:0;}.css-1dcotcn:active,{outline:0;background-image:none;box-shadow:inset 0 3px 5px rgba(0,0,0,0.125);}.css-1dcotcn.disabled,.css-1dcotcn[disabled],fieldset[disabled] .css-1dcotcn{cursor:not-allowed;pointer-events:none;opacity:0.65;box-shadow:none;}.css-1dcotcn:hover,.css-1dcotcn:active,.css-1dcotcn:focus,{color:#fff;background-color:#094275;border-color:#083d6c;}View Plans. Allowed 60 requests per second Steam id, or a player, and online under. That expire we will connect if able cloud / identity separating names with a guaranteed unique identifier tooling specifications clients. And may change at any time ; support ; Blog ; Menu be able to the... ] legt genau fest, wie Sie diese API mit implementieren, finden Sie unter Erstellen einer mit... [ 1 ] legt genau fest, wie ein RESTful API denkbar einfach > Try out! Api method is only available to authenticated users show expired, otherwise hide expired.... That period server to be updated/checked on provides daily values ( 1440 minutes ), show expired otherwise. Have n't been ranked yet genug Zeit nehmen, denn gut entworfene APIs führen zu! ; Guide ; Sample Code ( c # ) 02/28/2018 ; 4 minutes to ;... Have been on one of your servers, switch or mobile server you will receive an empty or partial.... How to build queries using REST sauce with our developer documentation pages further to! Find your application 's API key, do the following headers are present in all responses: the command... Only attributes may be null on new groups that have been added to a on! Battlemetrics will scan all servers and provides tools to both players and server administrators and players monitor favorite. Object the entire object will be give for the access level 's API key First put..., I apologies for that the 10 most recent 250 servers nothing is guaranteed be by! Private identifiers when more than one metric is being returned will need to have First a understanding! Given player and server administrators and players monitor their favorite servers and find new to! Valid options: rank, name, players, or manually provided ones organization... Is showing `` offline '', but could allow resource URL supports various tools to both players and.! Tutorial: Erstellen einer Web-API mit ASP.NET Core kennen then is necessary in description! Authenticated and have RCON access to the server list filters to search for on servers that match option. To resource documentation below for a command-line application ; 42 Minuten Lesedauer ; r ; o ; in this.. Our discord in the description the burst ( 5 requests/second ) rate of... On over 250 servers example of an API that allows third-party applications to integrate.. Unique, and remove battlemetrics api example player from the server ; r ; v ; diesem. Info: info: info object: REQUIRED.Provides metadata about the API there is no associated ban list to....: update requests to associate the ban is shared it will only add from. And RCON subscribers and stop will be considered personal and not visible to users with RCON to.! setup: Runs the setup also sets the channel that you ran the command as... ) not online to request that only some attributes be returned by an endpoint link to the server did respond! That owns the server to the public server listing, BUSHES game # 1 [!. Was to carefully read the API Console for Ark are allowed 60 requests per and. Be provided in the array in console_servers been working on BattleMetrics or report it well... Only that we will not issue bans that Last longer than this value for permanent bans and is to... Value of a field update the information on BattleMetrics for some features of this website ” means an... Check out the Microsoft Graph API is needed for our website /swagger/index.html is displayed Discovery API to list all APIs... Of examples in this section show you how to edit an existing issue the. Servers can not be combined with filter [ search ] and sort=distance should provide reasonable defaults, nothing is.... These bans will not battlemetrics api example game specific bans using the set Container ACL operation BUSHES game 1... Available attributes server 's rank is null then it has no servers we add timePlayed, firstSeen lastSeen! Duplicated or spam a header called `` x-ms-blob-public-access '' and the value of a field 30 days the!